Thursday, September 20, 2018

Make a game on your own

6th Women In Game Development Sydney meetup. Free for everyone

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Our 6th meetup is all about making a game on your own. Our panelists will share their experience in making and releasing game projects. We sill talk about the process of developing a game on your own or as a member of a small team, about the lessons learned and mistakes made.


Sydney Startup Hub
Lvl 6, 11 York St, Sydney.


September 20th
6pm – 8:30pm


Our panelists will demonstrate their projects and then discuss the process of game creation directed by our amazing host Emilie Poissenot.

Émilie Poissenot
Over the past 11 years, Emilie has developed games in a wide variety of genres, platforms, scopes and business models across three continents. She led the design team of The Sims FreePlay at EA Melbourne and was the Game Director at Buy Somewhere.
Twice nominee on the Trade Media Women in Games list and host of Sydney’s edition of Get That Game Done, Emilie wants to help diverse teams collaborate on the best creative solutions to develop amazing games.
Nicola Best
Game Developer with years of experience. She will talk about HenryVR.
HenryVR is an exhibition shown at the Art Gallery of NSW which presents the process of creating the restoring one of the art galleries oldest paintings of Henry VIII within a virtual world. It allows people to explore how the painting would have been created in the Tudor period, and see how it was restored by the gallery in VR as well as view the painting itself next to the VR space. It ran from May to September this year and was the first VR exhibition hosted by the Gallery.
Yunni Goder
Bachelor of Commerce and marketing specialist. Co-Founder of Delusional games. A studio concentrating on the development of Otome Visual Novels (VN), a romance dating simulation for the female audience.
She will talk about Agent of Love (Available now on IOS and Android.). Agent of Love is a romantic drama about a woman and the struggles she will face as she treads through various personal and social expectations. She will also come across cases so disturbing, that you may hesitate on the choices she has to make as the stories reach their respective endings.
Pewka Zilla
She has a background in visual art and interested in making games that explore the relationship between art and games. In her current release Cursedom, she is exploring the fantasy of the online persona using tropes, found artefacts (gifs from the 90's) and how we relate to others based on visual cues.
The player has been sentenced to spend eternity roaming the halls of the labyrinths in Cursedom, of course - there is a way out, and along the way you encounter others who have been abandoned here. It is up to you to decide if they are friendly or a threat.
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